GPS Vintage began in Glasgow, Scotland. Since I was young, I loved to scour the local markets and car-boot sales for toys. As I grew older, my attention turned to clothing. I was shocked at just how much branded clothing people wore once and then got rid of!

Soon after, I decided to source clothing and aimed to give the garments a new life by selling them online. Taking up the spare bedroom in our house, I turned my hobby into a business!


Fast forward years later, my fashion conscious partner from Edinburgh decided to join me in this new venture, GPS Vintage. Our mission became to locate vintage, branded fashion for the environmentally conscious and trend-setters who can buy without the inflated price tag when buying new.


After being successful on other online marketplaces, we decided to launch our own website for GPS Vintage. We are very passionate about not contributing to landfill and textile waste. Whilst there's still a long way to go in spreading this message, we are excited to continue to offer everyone a sustainable option to remaining on trend with morals intact!