Clothing Grading

Clothing Grading

How Do We Grade Our Clothes at GPS Vintage?

Here at GPS, we are passionate about giving you the clearest understanding of each garment through our photos and descriptions to ensure that you are making an informed purchase. Especially as we support the slow fashion movement which at it's core prioritizes mindful purchases of garments that will stand the test of time and avoid adding to landfill.


Clothing Landfill Infographic


We always uphold to a certain grading system with each piece we list for sale, so as a buyer you can get a figurative idea rated out of 10 of what the condition will be like. It’s important we reinforce that inevitably, as the pieces we sell are vintage or pre-loved, it is not feasible for them to be exactly like buying new. Each garment has it's own background story from it's previous life that it carries as it passes on to a new wearer and sometimes this can be reflected in how it looks. Our lowest grading is ‘Fair’, however as we handpick our garments, these pieces still meet the standard of being wearable.

9-10 = Excellent = Item shows few, if any signs of previous wear 

8-9 =  Very Good = Item shows minimal signs of wear with minor marks 

7-8 = Good = Item shows signs of wear with minor defects

6-7 = Fair = Item shows heavy signs of wear with major defects

It’s also vital that we measure each piece because the sizing system has evolved over time so you cannot always trust that the original label tag on a piece will be accurate by today’s standards. We will include a size for general guidance however it’s best to make sure that each time we include measurements that you double check these align with your own to avoid any disappointment! Check out our Size Guide for more info.


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